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Frequently Asked Questions

I am living outside the EU. Can I still register a .hu domain name?
Yes, please contact us for details.

Do the prices on the site include VAT?
No, 27% VAT is not included. You only have to pay tax if you live within the EU but do not have a EU VAT number.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, 2CheckOut, paysafecard, Western Union, Moneygram, Payza and wire transfer.

Can you send me a testfile?
Sure, please write a mail and you will receive a link shortly.

Who is your international bandwidth provider?
Our international bandwidth providers are Interoute and Telia.

What it the total bandwidth you have?
We have the fastest connection in Hungary: 50 Gbit/sec Hungarian (BIX) bandwidth, 40 Gbit/sec direct T-Com connection, 20 Gbit/sec direct DIGI connection, 10 Gbit/sec direct Invitel connection and 60 Gbit/sec international connectivity.

How much does a reset cost?
Reset requests executed on our admin panel are performed by our staff on site free of charge.

What operating system do you support?
We can install any kind of free Linux distribution on your dedicated server and we also provide Windows-based servers.

Do you allow IRC on your network?
Yes, we do.

Can I store adult content on my server?
Yes, legal adult content is fine.

Can I host a VPN service on my server?
Yes, as long as you do not support illegal activities, it is fine.

Can I set my own reverse DNS?
Yes, you will be able to set the reverse DNS of the extra IP addresses you order.

How many IP addresses are allowed per server?
You can have a maximum of 1 C class active on your server. You can find the actual price of this IP range on the server order page.

Can I use my own C class on the server hosted with you?
Yes, for a monthly fee we can route the class onto your server.

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